Heather Arndt is an artist, designer, teacher and native Angelino whose work in clay, paint and mixed media navigates our attempts to express our most vulnerable, powerful selves in the world.

She explores our society’s obsession of watching and being watched, feeling seen, understood but also information oversharing and silent observation through current media. Cameras and surveillance are all around us, carried in our pockets and resting on our nightstand, invited into our homes and daily interactions.

What information do they collect? Why do we allow them? Where is it stored? Heather has built an identity through these platforms but also feels driven to push it away in order to return to real life, to in-person interactions, and direct contact with nature and magic.

The push and pull of connection/disconnection and privacy, and validation of her voice builds her work. 

Working in clay is a direct contrast to our virtual reality. It is tactile and visceral. The medium pulls Heather to a muddy, slow building, encumbered process with plenty of time to contemplate the image being created and shared. In contrast posting this works final image in a news cycle world of social media to be judged and forgotten in hours is a secondary contemplation that informs the initial creation of the work. 

With degrees in Fine Art from San Diego State and Claremont Graduate University, and a background in footwear and product design for skate and surf brands that took her all over the globe, Heather returned to Los Angeles in 2002 where until 2011 she had Happy a boutique and gallery space in Los Feliz. She is currently working as an artists and instructor in Los Angeles.