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“If Walls Could Talk” workshop with Seth Apter and Orly Avineri

I had the pleasure of attending a 2 day workshop with Orly Avineri and Seth Apter, called “If Wall Could Talk”. We created pages on water color paper with layers upon layers of paint, fiber paste, embossing, debossing, glazing, it was amazing and I learned tons! In the end we bound the pages together to make a book.



These are the final pages in the book! So much love!






Published! Patti Digh’s Geography of Loss

A while back, Patti Digh put out a call for submissions for her new book, “The Geography of Loss”. Well, I submitted and I got in! Yay me! I was so excited when I received the book, I went right to the index, the first page I saw my name on was this:

Heather_Arndt_Patti_Digh_Geography_of_loss_3Well, it’s a bit small but, hey, I’m in a book right?!?! I thought, well maybe, just maybe they picked both….

and they did!

Heather_Arndt_Patti_Digh_Geography_of_loss_2so this one is a bit better, at least you can see it! 🙂

Anyway, the book is really a great read, as are all of Patti Digh’s works. Here’s a quick shot of the originals, along with Luna’s paws and nose…