My word for the new year – goalkeeper

Happy New Year #DTLAHappy New Year #DTLA <3

Goalkeeper- player who protects goal

I’ve been racking my brain with this challenge for picking ONE word, just one, for my word of the year, the WHOLE year. I’ve heard lots of great ideas; forgiveness, focus, vulnerable. I was at my friend’s home over the new year’s holiday, and we were watching the Manchester United game, or maybe it was Man. City, and the father was explaining the game to my 5 year old.  Goalkeeper came up.

Goalkeeper- player who protects goal. My word for 2012 is goalkeeper.  I will be the player who protects my goals. I’m too often side tracked. I make to-do lists galore and then don’t look at them for weeks. Projects get side-lined when a free-lance job comes up. I let it all happen way to easily.  This year I WILL protect my goals, and keep all those other balls I have to juggle from interfering with my BIG PICTURE. I have some solid goals (more on this later) I want to accomplish this year, and I will protect this fiercely. Yellow cards be damned! oh, and happy new year!

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