Published! Patti Digh’s Geography of Loss

A while back, Patti Digh put out a call for submissions for her new book, “The Geography of Loss”. Well, I submitted and I got in! Yay me! I was so excited when I received the book, I went right to the index, the first page I saw my name on was this:

Heather_Arndt_Patti_Digh_Geography_of_loss_3Well, it’s a bit small but, hey, I’m in a book right?!?! I thought, well maybe, just maybe they picked both….

and they did!

Heather_Arndt_Patti_Digh_Geography_of_loss_2so this one is a bit better, at least you can see it! 🙂

Anyway, the book is really a great read, as are all of Patti Digh’s works. Here’s a quick shot of the originals, along with Luna’s paws and nose…


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