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The Antique’s Garage Flea Market NYC

I went to the Antique’s Garage Flea Market in NYC this weekend.

Here are some of the great finds we found at the fleas…

vintage dog figuresMy daughter insisted on these two vintage doggies. Too cute.

mother and child figurine

I Loved this mother and child piece.

vintage ceramic texture and glaze

vintage letter press

Trays and trays of vintage letter press pieces

vintage letterpress 2

Metal findings, I’m going to experiment with these on my ceramic pieces. vintage metal findingsAnd my daughter also picked out these vintage horse photos.

vintage horse photos

 vintage linen label


Other people’s studios: Emily Cline

I had the pleasure to visit my friend and artist Emily Cline in a town north of NYC. She has an incredible space, with great light and her media and tools are so well organized. It made me want to get to work! See her work here, see her current project with work shops and projects, DoodleBugHeArt.  Gallery of her space below.