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Letting it all hang out

I caught a clip of this “voting off of Rachel Crow” on a morning show and was stunned. I actually rewound it and watched it again.  It was such a raw emotional response to an unbelievably surreal situation. It stuck on my mind for several days. The thing about it is, rarely does anyone ever show this kind of raw emotion anymore. ESPECIALLY over being disappointed or let down. ESPECIALLY in PUBLIC!

I’ve spent several years getting to a place where I can actually talk to someone about a situation that hurts or disappoints me.  I’ve definitely lost friends because I was unable or unwilling to articulate what I was feeling and just crawled into my own shell. I think we are conditioned to just nod and and say “oh okay” when things don’t go our way, and/or hide any feeling or disappointment, especially in public. It was refreshing to see someone let it all hang out and really express how deeply she felt about her situation. I don’t watch this show or have any opinion of Rachel Crow or x-factor in general, but I thought this moment was really amazing.